• Tips for Incoming 6th Grade Parents

    Posted by Nicholas Atchley on 8/15/2018 5:00:00 AM
    • Don’t worry! Middle school staff members know that entering 6th grade can be scary. They expect students to have a learning curve with lockers, changing classrooms, organizing binders, and exams along with friend drama and new academic rigors. Remember, middle school staff has lots of experience dealing with kids this age. They are sensitive to their issues.
    • Don’t be too anxious about your child going to middle school. Talk about
      the middle school experience in a positive way! Your enthusiasm and support
      can help make this BIG change in your child’s school life a positive one.
    • Check in with your child often - ask about how the day went. You may only get a one word answer, but the fact that you asked is still important to them.
    • Support your child in his or her efforts to become independent.
    • Show your child that you are in touch with the school and that you know who is who and what is going on there. Let them know even though you may not be at school like you were in elementary school, you are still connected.
    • Encourage your child to try new things and to regard failure and mistakes as important parts of learning and growing. Assure your child that one mistake won’t negatively label them in the eyes of the teachers and administration at middle school. It’s how they respond and grow that is important.
    • Encourage your child to get involved in school activities! Have them join a
      team, club, or other extra-curricular activity and attend after-school events.
    • Help your child to be his or her own advocate. Encourage your child to
      discuss problems and solutions with teachers on their own, but be ready to
      help as needed.
    • Talk about social skills. Talk about traits that make a good friend. Discuss
      how words and actions can affect other people. Practice skills needed for
      difficult social situations.
    • Practice a combination lock with your child over the summer. 6th grade staff assume all students will have trouble opening their lockers during the first week and will give students the time and opportunity to practice. They won’t be late to class for trying and when all fails, all teachers have a locker key to assist when needed!
    • Attend the Back to School Night/Supply Drop Off Event. For families that cannot make it, teachers will help guide all students to where they need to go. We have never lost anyone!
    • Help your child develop an organizational strategy:
      • Designate a study space and set a consistent study time.
      • Buy your child the necessary folders and binders to stay organized.
      • Conduct a weekly clean-up.
      • Keep a master calendar.
      • Prepare for the week/day ahead.
      • Provide help and support while your child is learning to become more
    • Utilize Parkland School’s resources.
      • Explore Parkland’s website with your child: www.d15.org/parkland
      • Homework is updated daily on the website.
      • You can access SKYWARD to check grades and progress.
      • There are many other links to important information and updates.
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