• McHenry Middle School offers a wide variety of different clubs for the students to get involved in.

    Builder's Club

    Builder's Club helps make an impact on the school, community, and world around us. This club is open to all grade levels. and is held in Mrs. Williams room (M1118).

    Comic Book Club

     Comic Book Club is a place for kids who love to read, draw, write and learn about the tricks behind the best comics or graphic novels. 

    Chess Club

    Chess is for those who know how to play chess and for those who would like to learn how to play. 

    Soccer Club

    Soccer club is an after school soccer program available for all grade levels. The students will practice soccer skills and scrimmage. 

    Trojan Superfans

    Any student who it truly proud to be an MMS Trojan is encouraged to join this club. The club organizes school dress up days and spirit days. 

    Drama Guild

    Students are introduced to different theater skills and perform plays and skits. 

    MAD Club

    MAD Club stands for making a difference by making healthy choices and helping others to make healthy choices as well. 

    Student Council

    Student Council works to build a positive school environment by organizing events and community service projects. 


    Students in the Yearbook Club take pictures of students, faculty, and various activities throughout the year to build the yearbook.