MAD Club

  • MAD club stands for Making A Difference.  We are a group of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students who believe in making healthy choices and helping others make healthy choices!

    Some of the activities and events we are in charge of and promote at MMS are: 

    • New this year ~ Unity Day - a day to unite against bullying
    • Organizing Red Ribbon Week activities - a week to take pride in being drug free
    • Gift collection for families in need during the holidays
    • Organizing fundraisers for kids living with cancer in Illinois
    • Promote healthy eating during ISAT testing week
    • Running our school recycling program

    We are looking for new ideas and projects!

    During our meetings we: 

    • Make posters & flyers
    • Write daily announcements
    • Create skits for the WMMS news to advertise our projects
    • Discuss topics for events we want the school to be involve with