About Our School

  • Duker School takes great pride in offering its students a quality education in a safe, friendly, warm environment.  We have high goals and expectations for our students both academically and behaviorally.  Our staff of 72 is to be commended for their dedication to children, and we are pleased to serve this community.


    Enrollment: 443 students

    Grade 3---6 students

    Grade 4---225 students

    Grade 5---212 students

    Current number of homerooms: 22

    School Colors:  Red and Gold

    Mascot:  Duker Dragon


    Team Duker’s mission is to provide a safe and dynamic learning community that embraces diversity and provides students with experiences that will enable them to become lifelong learners.


    Provide a Safe & Dynamic Learning Community

    • Empower others
    • Value each individual as a contributing member of the school community 
    • Maintain an environment conducive to learning
    • Foster a safe & progressive learning environment
    • Embrace Diversity
    • Provide a variety of experiences that acknowledge and accommodate diversity 
    • Teach students to be accepting of diversity
    • Develop tolerance of all differences
    • Empower Students to Achieve Learning Goals
    • Cultivate an environment where learners excel academically, socially and emotionally
    • Celebrate achievements and accomplishments
    • Use best practices to meet instructional goals
    • Actively participate in goal-setting
    • Nurture academic excellence