About Our School

  • "Together We Make Our School a SUCCESS!"

    Riverwood serves students in Kindergarten through fifth grade and is located at 300 S. Driftwood Trail, McHenry, IL 60050.

    Riverwood Vision: 

    Riverwood Elementary School is a student-centered learning environment that is enriched by the interactive involvement of staff, family, and community. 

    Riverwood Mission: 

    The mission of Riverwood Elementary School is to accomplish the following: 

    "To nurture the development of the total child."

    "To foster a love of learning."

    "To provide instruction in the basic skills required for active, involved, and responsible citizenship in our school, community, and country." 

    "And to maintain an environment that promotes the safety, well-being, intellectual stimulation, mutual respect, and enthusiasm of all-students, and families alike."