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From the Desk of Mrs. Robinson

How can you motivate your child to live a healthy lifestyle?  Turn nutritious eating and exercising into fun family challenges.  Use these ideas to get started:

Challenge #1:  Fruit and Veggie Bingo

Have each person create a bingo card with five rows and five columns.  In each square, write or draw produce (orange, green beans, sweet potato).  Then, swap cards and cross out each one you eat this week.  Everyone who gets five in a row wins. 

Challenge #2:  Fit Weekends

Brainstorm fitness-related activities to enjoy together.  Some ideas:  hold a dance off, play balloon volleyball, have a snowball fight, visit a recreation center.  Ask your youngster to write one on your calendar every weekend.  As you complete each activity, he/she can color in that day’s calendar square.


Have fun with these family wellness challenges!  Kathie