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From the Desk of Mrs. Robinson

Research shows that supporting your child’s education at home is very important.  Here are conversation starters that will help you stay involved:

  • “Let’s see what you brought home.”
  • “Show me what you have for homework.”
  • “Describe a book you enjoyed today.”
  • “Tell me what you learned that you’d like to know more about.”

As far as after-school questions, asking “How was school today?” might not get you far.  Instead ask questions like these for a better picture of your youngster’s day:

  • “What’s the coolest thing that happened?  What wasn’t so cool?”
  • “Pretend you’re the teacher.  How would you describe the day?”
  • “What made you laugh?”
  • “What was the most creative thing you did?”
  • “How were you kind or helpful today?  How was someone kind or helpful to you?”