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Hour of Code 2018

 Hour of Code 2018!

Over 600 Riverwood students and staff participated in Hour of Code on December 5th to raise coding awareness!

So, what’s the big deal about coding?  If you think about all the software and applications we interact with on a given day, it can be overwhelming. The phone we use, the drive-thru window we order from, the gas we pump into our cars, and even the screens in the airport and across our highways are the result of coding. Coding is so essential to our digital ecosystem that we wouldn’t be able to start a car or run a washing machine without it.  So to keep our digital world humming, we need coding. 

Do you want to try and code at home? Check out these links!

  • First Grade:
  • Second Grade:
  • Third Grade:
  • Fourth Grade:
  • Fifth Grade: