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Meal Distribution Information

Dear District 15 Parents,

The school district’s food service department will be distributing meals to all students who need them.  

All students that participate in the meal distribution program will have meals charged to the student’s account daily, based on their status; “Free”, “Reduced”, $.30 breakfast + $.40 Lunch = $.70 or “Paid”, $1.50 Breakfast + $2.85 Lunch = $4.35).

Any “Paid” status students who would like to be added to the food distribution program please contact the food service department and ask to be added to the program to ensure there are enough meals prepared for that day.

*Starting on Aug. 24, all students that qualify for free and reduced meals and any paid student’s requests will be available for pick up from any of these four locations; Parkland School, McHenry Middle School, Edgebrook Elementary School and Riverwood Elementary School between the hours of 8:00 am and noon. Please have your student/s name and ID numbers available when picking up the meals.

If you have not received notification from the foodservice department that you have qualified for the free and reduced meal program and feel you should be receiving these meals, please make sure you fill out an application for the meal program and submit it as soon as possible.

Thank you,

District 15 Food Service Department