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Route 66 Jogging Program

Duker Jogging/Walking Program


In the first month of the Duker School Jogging/Walking Program, Duker School has logged a grand total of over 3,800 miles!  In this program, all students have the option of jogging or walking 1/10 mile laps around the playground area during recess.  As students progress with their jogging/walking, they fill out log sheets to track the miles they have accomplished. Once a student finishes their first log sheets they will earn a chain necklace and mileage charm.  For every additional log sheet student’s complete they will earn a new charm to put on their necklace.  

In addition to earning individual awards, the program will include classroom activities and incentives.  All the miles that students log from one classroom will be combined together throughout the school year with the goal of retracing the 2,278 miles of historic Route 66.  On a regular basis, classrooms will go online at  

This site takes students on a virtual trip across the route.  It includes excellent detailed pictures and write-ups. I would encourage students and their parents to visit this site at home as well.    

Please encourage and support your child to participate in this program.  It is a fun and exciting way to promote important lifelong exercise habits.  If you have any questions regarding the program, my email is and my phone extension is 5081.      

Please see a chart with the awesome progress each class has been doing:



Thank You,

Jim Brucker