Professional Development

  • McHenry District 15 has teamed up with various consultants in the state of Illinois. These consultants work in different subject areas and aid in the implementation of the Illinois Common Core Standards by consulting staff members in their area of expertise. 


    Beth Olsen

    Beth Beth Olsen is a third generation teacher with a passion for best practice literacy education. She attended Oklahoma State University and began her career teaching at a March of Dimes preschool where she learned that early intervention is the key to a child's success. She has been recognized for her service as a recipient of the Outstanding Young Educator Award and Christa McAuliffe Fellowship nominee. Beth believes that a commitment to lifelong learning and a kind demeanor are the hallmarks of a great teacher. Beth is devoted to the steadfast delivery of best practice literacy education to children, teachers, and parents. 


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    Dr. Richard Voltz


    McHenry District 15 partners with Dr. Richard Voltz in understanding and implementing the Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA). All of the administrational leaders worked through a whole day training with Dr. Voltz touring the intricacies of the new law and requirements that are associated with this reform act. Dr. Voltz is a retired superintendent that now speaks and trains districts around the world on educational best practices.

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