Learning Services Team


     DR. FRED LAUDADIO (Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services)


    Thank you for visiting the McHenry District 15 Curricular Platform! My name is Fred Laudadio.

    As an employee in School District 15, I am honored to work alongside many of the finest educators who are truly motivating, passionate and inspiring in their craft. My work experience has allowed me to be a life-long learner in all grade levels Pre-K through High School. Additionally, I bring a collegiate perspective while spending many years employed with higher level institutions and universities.

    My goals include continuing to provide a diverse, quality education to students as a teacher, administrator, coach, or in any other capacity I may serve. As an educational leader and a passionate learner, I feel I share the same desire as a Kindergartener coming to school and getting off the bus for the very first time. I try to instill this desire of learning each and every day, and to challenge others with the highest achievable goals they can set for themselves.

    My educational philosophy models how learning is based on discovery guided by mentoring. In reality, it is a lot more than just the transmission of information. Young learners need to be educated first. We need to encourage and guide them to think for themselves and to use their education as a means for attaining their future goals. Each student will be respected as an individual for his or her unique abilities and means of self-expression. Intelligence, critical thinking skills, and character will be developed through education to bring learners of all kinds to their potential.

    Please feel free to contact me anytime through email at flaudadio@d15.org or by phone at (779) 244-1000.


    Fred Laudadio,  Ed. D.

    Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services