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Empowering Hands-On, Minds-On Learning

 In today’s ever changing world, McHenry Elementary School District 15 educators are making sure students are well-prepared for college and careers even though their career choices are as yet undefined. The innovative development team in McHenry, has worked collaboratively creating a district-wide STEM and STEAM curriculum that is showcased in breath-taking STEM Labs, STEAM Studios, Innovation Centers, Video Production Hubs, and redesigned Learning Media Centers. These accomplishments bridge together the teaching of Digital Literacy and Information Literacy in McHenry District 15. 

“It’s a vision for a learning experience that is centered on the learner and evolves technologically as quickly as they do,” states Dr. Alan Hoffman, Superintendent of Schools. “We are providing our students with an educational opportunity that fosters engagement, interaction, and achievement through cutting-edge technology in a personalized learning approach.”

McHenry School District 15's new innovative learning spaces are constructed Makerspaces that have no boundaries. A place with no boundary means students can exceed anything you've ever expected.

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