The Bill Burke Award 2019

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    What is it: Bill Burke worked in McHenry School District 15 for 16 years and was instrumental in bringing the middle school concept to the district as well as a key player in forming the year around calendar. Bill believed in high quality teaching and learning and strived for excellence in education. His positive attitude was contagious and sense of humor made fellow educators laugh around him. In honor of Bill Burke’s memory the Bill Burke Award is now created to support McHenry District 15 staff who share in Bill’s belief in the value of education.

    In recognition of Bill’s leadership on the McHenry Elementary Education Foundation, nominees should be staff members who support the mission of the Foundation:

    The mission of the McHenry Elementary Education Foundation is to promote the value of education. The foundation shall acquire and distribute resources, which enhance McHenry School District 15 education programs and projects and provide enriched educational opportunities for learners. The foundation will achieve its mission by directing support toward the following goals:


    • To promote development of students
    • To encourage employee innovation
    • To promote parent education
    • To encourage school/community partnerships

    Do you know someone who would be great for this honor? Nominate a co-worker HERE.


     Bill Burke Awards  


    Winners: Each school will have one winner. The staff member with the most nominations will be awarded at the upcoming Opening Day Ceremony on behalf of the McHenry Elementary Education Foundation. Winners for the 2019 Bill Burke Award were:


    Duker - Rich Vannoy
    Edgebrook - Joselle Buan-Thorne
    Hilltop - Kelly Reitz
    Landmark - Lori Anderson
    MMS - Christine Comstock
    Parkland - Janet Wick
    Riverwood - Vickie Granziel
    Valley View - Susana Hernandez

    Congratulations to all the 2018 Bill Burke Award winners!