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    Illinois is among the 26 lead states that have worked collaboratively to update science standards, called Next Generation Science Standards. These standards provide a new vision for K-12 science and set the stage for a significant shift in how those subjects may be viewed and taught in Illinois across the nation. Below you will find helpful links and resources regarding these standards. 


    Helpful Links:

         Used as hand outs for elementary school presentations

         Resources and information regarding the NGSS in Illinois

         Wealth of articles, resources, lessons, and links for all areas of science

         Assists students in writing science labs and reports

         Features breaking news, podcasts, disease of the week

         Electronic magazine for kids and teachers to learn more about the environment

         Interactive lessons, simulations and games appropriate for grades 7-12 in all content areas

         Allows you to virtually create chemical reactions and review the Periodic Table of Elements

         Online simulations for math and science geared for ages 3-12 - requires a membership

         Fun way to introduce or reinforce studying elements of the Periodic Table

         Resource of videos and news stories that are science Common Core aligned

         Online educational resource that provides free critical thinking science and math games

         Develops animated tutorials in a variety of formats for many scientific disciplines

         Provides fun, free, interactive research-based science and mathematics simulations

         Lesson plans, teacher guides, activities, videos, & games for teacher and students

         Promotes engineering education, lesson plans,  outreach programs and links to resources

         Introduces girls to young women engineers

         STEM resources for teachers

         Resources for STEM education

         Online resources including activities and games geared toward math and code

         Introduction to computer science, programming tutorials & app development activities

         Coding, game design, graphic design to learn STEM skills


    Helpful Apps:

    • Gene Screen

         Free App that allows you to learn about recessive traits and genetic diseases

    • Science360

         Free App that compiles engaging Science and Engineering images for all areas of science

    • Powers of Minus Ten-Cells and Genetics

         $1.99 App that allows you to explore human cells and molecules

    • Elements 4D

         Free App for chemical reaction