Physical Education/Health

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    On August 4, 2014, Public Act 98-0859 created the Stakeholder and Expert Task Force on Physical Education. The purpose of this Task Force is to submit recommendations (from which ISBE will adopt rules for implementation of physical fitness assessments and collect and report aggregate fitness information), including:

    • Methods for ensuring validity and uniformity of fitness scores, including assessment admin protocols and professional development approaches for PE teachers
    • How often fitness scores should be reported to ISBE
    • Grade levels within elementary, middle, and high school categories for which scores should be reported to ISBE
    • Indicators that should be reported to ISBE, including score for aerobic capacity (grades 4-12), muscular strength, endurance, flexibility
    • Development of protocols to protect students’ confidentiality and individual info/identifiers
    • How fitness scores should be reported by ISBE to the public, including potential correlations with academic achievement, attendance, discipline data
    • May also recommend methods for assessing student progress on Goals 19 & 21-24


    What Constitutes A Highly Qualified Physical Education Teacher