About Our School

  • Belief Statement

    • The responsibility of educating each child is shared among schools, families, students, and community.
    • Learning is an on-going process.
    • Every student is unique, intrinsically valuable, and deserves respect.
    • Every student has a right to equal education opportunities regardless of intellect, race, sex, or socioeconomic background.
    • The school will promote a sense of responsibility in each student.
    • All students have a right to an education that will foster their growth intellectually in order to help create responsible citizens.
    • The school will assist in the development of values and ethics reflective of the community, such as honesty, respect, dependability, and responsibility.

    Vision Statement

    Edgebrook fosters a diverse community of learners working together to create an engaging enviornment which empowers each child to strive for excellence.

    School Goals:

    1. Edgebrook students will increase achievement in all core subject areas.
    2. Edgebrook School will implement RTI across grade levels to meet indvidual student needs in reading and math.