Frequently Asked Questions


    Organizing Structure


    What are multi-grade classrooms?
    2nd- 5th grade is comprised of two grade levels. Landmark has three classrooms each of: second and third grade and fourth and fifth grade. Classrooms contain an even mixture of both grade levels. Kindergarten and 1st grade are stand along classrooms.

    How long is the school day?
    The student day is 8:50 - 3:35. Morning supervision on the playground begins at 8:35 a.m.

    How is the calendar different at Landmark?
    Landmark operates on a continuous-year calendar; we are the only school in our district that uses this schedule. Typically, we begin our school year in mid-July. We have a 2-3 week inter-session between our first, second and third quarters with a 6-7 week summer after the fourth quarter. Optional family activities are offered during most intersessions through our parent/teacher group, the Landmark Community Organization (LCO).

    How are classrooms designed?
    Our classrooms are designed around opportunities for both large and small group cooperative learning activities. To facilitate this type of learning, most of our students sit in table groups of 5-6 students. Students work with both New Friends (lower grade students) and Old Friends (the upper grade students) in their class. There are many opportunities for individual and group work each day.

    Teaching and Learning

    What support services are offered at Landmark?
    Our support services include access, based on need, to a school counselor, psychologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, reading teacher, resource teachers, and a speech and language teacher.

    What specials do students attend? 
    Our students have a 45 minute Art class each week. First - fifth graders have two 30 minute Music and PE classes each week; kindergartners attend Music and PE once per week. All students have the opportunity to exchange books in the Learning Center/Innovation Center when needed. Students also visit the Innovation Center/Learning Center and participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities. 

    What technology is used? 
    Each of our classrooms have an instructional center with a laptop and a document camera.  All classrooms have 30 Chromebooks. Our Learning Center/Innovation Center (LC/IC) includes 30 Mac Books. The LC/IC also includes many STEM related technologies including Sphero, Ozobot, WeDo 2.0, Snap Circuits, iPads, 3D Printer and cameras, which are all available for student use.  

    Parental Involvement

    What is the Landmark Community Organization (LCO)? 
    We encourage all of our parents and guardians to become active in our LCO. The LCO operates, in many ways, like a PTA with both parents, families and staff working together to provide enriching extras for our school community. Meetings are at 6:30 pm in our school gym. Mrs. Carey, school principal, and a teacher representative attend each meeting with our parents. 

    How do volunteers support students?
    There are countless ways that you and your adult family members can volunteer at Landmark School. During the school day, you can volunteer in the following ways: in the classroom to work with students; with Miss Anderson in our reading program; in the Learning Center; as a parent volunteer to assist with special classroom activities; and/or to make copies for a classroom. Weekend and evening events always need parent helpers to assist with activities. There is a place and opportunity for everyone to volunteer and we encourage you to do so. Its not only fun, but your involvement sends a clear message to your child that school is important. We deeply appreciate all of our volunteers.

    Eligibility to attend Landmark

    What are the boundaries for attending Landmark?  
    In order to be eligible to attend Landmark, your family's primary residence must be in the District 15 borders. 

    What is the policy for incoming siblings?
    Families with a child currently attending Landmark have the first opportunity for all anticipated openings, K-5. Once current Landmark families have filled any openings, the district holds a random lottery in March to fill any other openings. 

    How does the lottery work? 
    Our classrooms have been at capacity for several years. As interest exceeds openings, a random lottery for openings is held early in March for the following school year. Interested families must submit a district Student Information Form for their child(ren) by the last business day in February in order to be included in the lottery. The random drawing for openings is conducted by our Superintendent and a Board of Education member to ensure impartiality. 

    What is the waiting list?
    All names entered in the lottery are drawn, filling all openings for each particular grade level, then forming a waiting list. Students who apply after the lottery are placed at the end of the waiting list. Families on the waiting list must reapply, if interested, each year.  

    Additional Information

    Is there bus transportation available?
    Bus transportation is available throughout District 15 to Landmark School. Transportation can be reached at 815-385-6622 with any bus-related questions. Visit the transportation site here for other information and forms. 

    What is the school lunch program? 
    Landmark students have the option of purchasing a hot lunch or bringing lunch from home. For information on this month's menu, please visit the Food Services site here.

    Is childcare available before or after school? 
    Landmark does not offer childcare at our school, however our buses do pick-up and drop-off at all area childcare facilities that are within the District 15 boundaries. Please contact the transportation department to find out if your childcare facility is on our bus routes.

    What are the office hours? 
    Our school office is open from 8:15-4:15 when school is in session.