• The mission of the McHenry School District 15 library program is to provide students with the skills and resources to become independent critical thinkers, information users, and lifelong readers.

    McHenry School District 15 library program will equip students for the demands and opportunities of the 21st century by supporting and enhancing the district’s core values of academic excellence.

    Common beliefs:

    • The school library is a vital part of the school community by providing:
      • a central place for students and staff to collaborate
      • access to resources both print and digital
      • qualified school librarians to guide inquiry
    • Students will:
      • be prepared for higher learning and beyond.
      • have experiences that show reading is fun and essential for success in life, both personal and academic.
      • choose books based on what interests them.
      • share and respect others’ viewpoints.
      • have access to appropriate technology and digital resources while responsibly following ethical and legal guidelines.

    All students have access to the library on a flexible basis.  Learning Center Directors collaborate with classroom teachers on units of study based on the Common Core Standards. The library collections represent a wide variety of interests and topics that appeal to all students.   

    These are some of the skills your child will be taught when they come to the LMC.

    Literature Appreciation:

    • Author studies
    • Children’s Book Awards
    • Genre Studies

    Research and Information Literacy:

    • Formulating questions and notetaking
    • Selecting and using appropriate sources
    • Understanding plagiarism
    • Crediting sources properly