Physical Education

  • Welcome to the McHenry Middle School Physical Education Department. We have four teachers on staff:  Mrs. Hamill, Mrs. Krysh, Mr. Mullen and Mr. Schweitzer. 

    There are five terms each school year. Four of those terms the students will be in physical education class and one of the terms the students will be in Health. 

    The students should know and understand that the rules listed in the school handbook are followed in our classes. We also have other rules that pertain only to Physical Education class. Please make sure the kids have proper uniform for Physical Education class.

    Wellness is interspersed through the units all year long. We ask that you as parents and guardians share in the wellness.  Be active with your children, eat properly and guide them to a healthy life style.

    We attempt to work with students on activities they can use for the rest of their lives as well as intermingle some individual and team sport activities.  We will work on cooperation, teamwork, strategies, self guidance/reflection and responsibility.

    We are in our 3rd term.  We have volleyball, basketball, team building, fitness, wrestling and dance this term.  Right after winter break, we will be starting dance and wrestling.  Girls can participate in wrestling in class, as long as they have another girl to wrestle with that is about the same weight.  Boys can choose to dance and will be part of the groups doing a final self created group dance.  At the end of this term, we will be hosting our annual volleyball tournament.

    Have a great holiday break and looking forward to this term we are.

    If you ever have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail us.