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         Ms. Campisano, Resource Teacher, rcampisano@d15.org, 1-779-244-1619 apple
         Mrs. Devine, Social Studies Teacher, adevine@d15.org, 1-779-244-1623 snoopy
         Mr. Kilchenman, Math Teacher, dkilchenman@d15.org, 1-779-244-1636 pi
         Mrs. Koski, Recource Assistant, crodgers@d15.org, 1-779-244-1619 heart
         Mrs. Tankiewicz, Language Arts, jtankiewicz@d15.org, 1-779-244-1665 books
         Mrs. Willems, Science Teacher, kwillems@d15.org, 1-779-244-1671 science

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    Posted by 7 Red Team on 5/21/2021

    Language Arts:

    Monday: LATE WORK

    Tuesday: LATE WORK

    Wednesday: LATE WORK

    Thursday:    LATE WORK

    Friday:  NONE



     Monday: LATE WORK

    Tuesday:  Atom WKST

    Wednesday:  LATE WORK

    Thursday:  NONE
     Friday: End of Year Reflection

    Social Studies:

    Monday LATE WORK
    Tuesday:  Finish Nearpod
    Wednesday:  LATE WORK 

    Thursday NONE

    Friday:  NONE




    Core ACD:  Finish 2 Pyramids, LATE WORK

    Core B:  Finish 2 Pyrmids LATE WORK



    Core ACD:  Finish 2 Pyrmaids, LATE WORK, Quiz Corrections

    Core B:  Finish 2 Pyrmaids, LATE WORK, Quiz Corrections



    Core ACD:  Finish 4 Pyramids  *Remote Students Cut Out Template for Tissue Paper*

    Core B:  Finish 4 Pyrmids    *Remote Students Cut Out Template for Tissue Paper*



     Core ACD: NONE

    Core B:  NONE


     Core ACD:  Finish Kites to Fly on Tuesday

    Core B: Finish Kites to Fly on Tuesday


    Read 180:  

    3 Quills due by Friday

    Read chp. 27 (slides 74-77)

    #50- Week 4 FL Find

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