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    Welcome to the 7 Red Team Website!


    We are excited for the 2018-2019 school year and having your student on the 7 Red Team. Below, you will find your student's teachers and their contact information.


    7Red Team



    Ms. Campisano, Resource Teacher, rcampisano@d15.org, 1-815-385-2522 ext. 6685 apple

    Mrs. Devine, Social Studies Teacher, adevine@d15.org, 1-815-385-2522 ext. 5178 snoopy

    Mrs. Devine's Website


    Mr. Kilchenman, Math Teacher, dkilchenman@d15.org, 1-815-385-2522 ext. 6789 pi
    Mrs. Koski, Recource Assistant, crodgers@d15.org, 1-815-385-2522 ext. 5010 heart
    Mrs. Willems, Science Teacher, kwillems@d15.org, 1-815-385-2522 ext. 5926 science
    Mrs. Tankiewicz, Language Arts, jtankiewicz@d15.org, 1-815-385-2522 ext. 6124 books

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