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     We are excited for the 2020-2021 school year and having your student on the 7 Red Team.

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         Ms. Campisano, Resource Teacher, rcampisano@d15.org, 1-779-244-1619 apple
         Mrs. Devine, Social Studies Teacher, adevine@d15.org, 1-779-244-1623 snoopy
         Mr. Kilchenman, Math Teacher, dkilchenman@d15.org, 1-779-244-1636 pi
         Mrs. Koski, Recource Assistant, crodgers@d15.org, 1-779-244-1619 heart
         Mrs. Tankiewicz, Language Arts, jtankiewicz@d15.org, 1-779-244-1665 books
         Mrs. Willems, Science Teacher, kwillems@d15.org, 1-779-244-1671 science

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    Posted by 7 Red Team on 10/29/2020

    Language Arts:

     Monday:  Foldable due Tomorrow by 2:00

    Work on Quill

     Tuesday:  Foldable due at 2:00 today!

    Core B, C, D - Google Form - Questions on "The Treasure of Lemon Brown"

    Wednesday:   GF on "The Treasure of Lemon Brown"

    All Quill Activities due next Friday

    Thursday: Check Skyward - work on late work if needed

    Work on Quill






     Monday:  Brain Cut-Out Slides

    Tuesday:  Nervous System Study Guide

    Wednesday:   Nervous System Study Guide

    Thursday: Nervous System Quiz Tomorrow

    Social Studies:

    Monday:  Complete and submit Causes of the French and Indian War Exit Slip. 
    Work on the M3L4 Study or Quizlet.  The test is Thursday. 
    Tuesday:   French and Indian War Map
    Study for your test on Thursday.  Use the study guide and Quizlet.
    Wednesday:  Review for the Module 3 Lesson 4 test tomorrow.  You should be reviewing the Quizlet cards.  You can also complete and use the study guide on your test.
    The French and Indian War Map is EXTRA CREDIT due tomorrow by the end of the day.  It will be added to your test. 

    Thursday:  Module 3 Lesson 4 Test 

    Please make sure to look in Skyward and complete any missing work for Lesson 4.  The French and Indian Map extra credit is due at the end of the day.  I will not accept after today. 





    Core ACD:  Vocarroo Voice Explanation

    *Email Mr. K if you would like to re-take your test (if below 70%)

    Core B:  None



    Core ACD: Brain Twister

    Core B: None



    Core ACD None

    Core B:  Math XL 3-1




     Core ACD Check Skyward  

    Core B:  Battle of the Doctors WKST due Monday

    Multiplication Practice



     Core ACD: 

    Core B:  


    Read 180

    1 Quill

    “TSK” questions #15-16.  Type on the document

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