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SETDA National Finalist

McHenry School District 15 has been nominated by the Learning Technology Center of Illinois and The State Education Technology Directors Association (SETDA) as a top five finalists in the nation to showcase how their school programs offer students a digital edge while also empowering them to become actively engaged within their school district and community.

Specific attention has been made to McHenry District 15’s educational programming that offers students project-based, digital learning experiences that help bridge the skills gap and build a diverse talent pipeline for the jobs of today and the future.

The 5 finalists (below) will be highlighted on SETDA’s website via a blog post this week. 

  • McHenry Elementary School District 15, McHenry, Illinois
  • The Learning Center: Fayette County Schools, Kentucky
  • East Grand School: RSU 84, Danforth, Maine
  • Community School of Excellence: Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Mineola Middle School: Mineola, New York

SETDA’s Student Voices Award honors an outstanding K-12 school or district that has leveraged technology to dramatically improve the educational experiences and achievement of their students. Winners receive the Elsie Brumback “From Honored Founder to Future Citizen” Scholarship, which allows the winner to bring a team of students and educators to present at the annual SETDA Leadership Summit and tour Washington DC.

District 15’s formula for success has been defined as each learning experience is centered on the learner and evolves technologically as quickly as they do. The curricular programming is set up so students have an educational opportunity that fosters engagement, interaction, and achievement through cutting-edge technology in a personalized learning approach.

“I have had the honor to witness and be a part of our district’s transformation which offers our students a system of education that is innovative, empowering, technology-rich, and collaborative,” states Dr. Alan Hoffman, Superintendent of Schools. “This transformation took place with in-depth research, thoughtful planning, stakeholder input, strategic implementation, and a creative use of resources.”

“To walk into District 15 schools is to walk into the future,” expresses Dr. Fred Laudadio, Executive Director of Learning and Technology. “The success of our school district has been gauged by the active involvement, participation and accomplishments of the students, teachers, and community and we couldn’t be more proud to be recognized as a top finalist in the nation.”

The winner of SETDA’s Student Voices Award will be announced at the Emerging Technologies Leadership Forum on June 22 in Philadelphia.