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Erin's Law Communication

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

This year the McHenry District 15 curriculum will continue to include Erin's Law, Public Act 96-1524, a state mandated, age-appropriate sexual abuse/assault  awareness and prevention education program for students beginning in Early Childhood and continuing through  all the grade levels.

Your student(s) will be educated by the classroom teacher with the school social worker  on

Erin's law  information. Building administration, school nurses, and school psychologists will also help present the curriculum. The focus of our lessons will be age-appropriate and handled in a sensitive manner.  The students will be instructed in school, three times throughout the year. The Second Step Child Protection Unit curriculum will be used as a resource and will include the following concepts:

  • To discuss with students safe and unsafe behaviors.
  • To teach students how to say "no" and refusal skills.
  • To teach students to ask a parent for permission before doing something with a bigger person.
  • To help students identify safe people in their lives that they can talk to when they have a problem or a secret. 

For more information regarding Erin's law, please visit:­-law-final0512.pdf

If you have any further questions about Erin's law, Public Act 96-1524, please call your building administrator at the school office.

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