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    Welcome to McHenry School District 15!  District 15 proudly serves approximately 4,100 students in grades PreK-8 across six elementary schools and two middle schools.  We are proud of the quality of education we offer the children and residents of McHenry and value the partnerships we have forged with our staff, parents, and overall community.  Furthermore, we are a student-centered organization that strives for best practices in all areas, emphasizes innovation and technology, data-driven decision making, and fiscal responsibility.

    We have much to be proud of in District 15.  Over the past several years we have received local, regional, state and national recognition in the areas of curriculum, innovation and technology, staff development, principal leadership, best practices in literacy, and fiscal responsibility.  To view a comprehensive list of some of our accomplishments, please access our Awards Section for more details on our district’s achievements.  In short, District 15 is a strong community filled with incredibly talented and caring teachers, staff, administrators, Board of Education members, supportive parents, and talented and inquisitive children who inspire us each day.  


    It is our mission to deliver an unrivaled education by providing innovative, supportive, and engaging experiences that empower all learners to achieve their ultimate success.  By doing so, we strive towards our vision of serving as a model of excellence, supporting and inspiring our students, staff, and community to achieve greatness.  


    I appreciate you visiting our website and learning more about our school district.  Its contents will, hopefully, provide you with necessary information about our great school district.  However, it you would like to learn more about District 15 or feel I could be of assistance to you please feel free to contact me at (779) 244-1000.


    Josh L. Reitz, Ed.D.


    McHenry School District 15

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What is Family Access/Skyward?

  • Skyward is a software company specializing in K–12 administrative software packages used in schools to manage and store information pertaining to Student Management, Human Resources, Financial Management, Food Service, and Special Education.

    Family Access is a web-based system that allows parents to view password protected information about their child. The information includes the following categories: attendance, student schedules, report cards, and general student information (address, phone numbers, etc.).

    If you do not have a login name or passcode, please contact the school your child attends.

    Family Access Website

    How to Make A Fee Management Payment in Skyward Family Access

What is Revtrak?

  • RevTrak provides K-12 schools the best way to receive money. RevTrak produces a turnkey ecommerce solution providing schools and governments with Web Stores, ecommerce hosting, payment gateways, and merchant accounts.

    Schools use RevTrak® Web Stores for collection of registration fees, bus fees, fundraising activities, meal prepayments, and even orders for spirit wear.


How to Prepare for Lunch

  • At District 15, a parent may place money in a prepaid account for student lunches. In order to prepay for student lunch accounts, a parent MUST enter Family Access and then Revtrak. Please follow the tutorial below.

    Lunch Payment Instructions