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    McHenry School District 15, in collaboration with key community stakeholders, created a new Strategic Plan–one that honors our past by solidifying practices that reflect the core tenets of education but also forges a bright path to the future. District 15's strategic plan showcases an updated and vibrant mission statement that serves as a reminder of our daily purpose and highlights a forward-thinking vision of where we want to be. The plan also embodies authentic core values identified by our stakeholders, targeted areas of focus with goals, all designed to align our efforts, resources, and practices towards a unified purpose. District 15's strategic plan will be an ever-evolving resource that will serve as a beacon to guide us in our journey in delivering an unrivaled education for the students and families of the community of McHenry. 

    In the fall of 2023, the Strategic Plan was brought to the school level across District 15. At the end of that year, the District created 104 action steps with a completion rate of 80%, 17% in progress and 3% in planning and development.  Across our 8 school buildings, a total of 168 action steps were created with a completion rate of 82%, 16% in progress, and 2% in planning and development.


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    VISION Core Values Focus Areas and Goals 

    CIA Safety 

    Finance Innovation Staff Engagement

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