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  • Josh

    Welcome to McHenry School District 15!  District 15 proudly serves approximately 4,100 students in grades Pre K-8th grade across six elementary schools and two middle schools.  We are proud of the quality of education we offer the children and residents of McHenry and value our partnerships with the staff, parents, and overall community.  Furthermore, we are a student-centered organization that strives for best practices in all areas, emphasizes innovation and technology, data-driven decision making, and fiscal responsibility.

    We have much to be proud of in District 15.  Over the past several years we have received local, regional, state and national recognition in the areas of curriculum, innovation and technology, staff development, principal leadership, best practices in literacy, and fiscal responsibility.  To view a comprehensive list of some of our accomplishments, please access our Awards Section for more details on our district’s achievements.  In short, District 15 is a strong community filled with incredibly talented and caring teachers, staff, administrators, Board of Education members, supportive parents, and talented and inquisitive children who inspire us each day.  Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about our school district.  

    If you would like to learn more about District 15 or feel I could be of assistance to you please feel free to contact me at (779) 244-1000.


    Josh Reitz, Ed.D.

    Superintendent, McHenry School District #15


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