• District 15 Awards and Recognition


    We have made historic achievements for our school district over the past couple of years.  Through our ability to work collaboratively as a team we have earned recognition at the state, as well as the national level for our innovative on-going, targeted staff development, Common Core implementation, and Illinois State Board of Education Financial Recognition.

Digital Content & Curriculum Achievement

  • McHenry Elementary School District 15 was one of three recipients in the nation to earn the Digital Content and Curriculum Achievement Award in the medium school district size category.  This award, from the Center for Digital Education, recognizes school districts that successfully use digital content and curriculum to improve instruction and student engagement. 

    award   Award  

    McHenry Elementary School District 15 developed a weekly on-going staff development program (Staff Development Wednesdays—SDW) utilizing technology as the driving force. The school district's efficient and innovative deployment of digital curriculum has revolutionized professional development and changed the quality of teaching and learning forever in McHenry.

     SDW  SDW

    District 15 is honored to be acknowledged for the innovative ways it uses technology to enhance school improvement, develop the capacity of staff, and improve learning for all of our students.

Black Belt Award

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    We received national recognition from the Center for College & Career Readiness for outstanding progress implementing the Common Core Standards.

Financial Recognition

  • financial

    District 15 has received the Illinois State Board of Education’s Financial Recognition for 8 consecutive years.

Learning Forward Conference Presenters

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    Additionally, for the first time in our history we were invited to present at the national Learning Forward Conference in Minneapolis. This organization focuses on on-going staff development.

Raising Student Achievement Conference Presenters

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    For the first time in our district’s history we were invited to present at the state-wide Raising Student Achievement Conference.

Healthy Staff & Healthy Students

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    McHenry Elementary School District 15 understands the relationship between health and learning and supports wellness initiatives for both staff and students.  As a result of efforts to promote staff wellness, we have been awarded the distinction of “Fit-Friendly Worksite” by the American Heart Association.

    The American Heart Association recognizes employers who go above and beyond when it comes to their employees’ health.  Our district strives to create a culture of wellness by offering a corporate program that includes health evaluations, connecting care, on-site fitness programs, individual and school wide challenges and participation in community wellness events.  We are included on the honor roll of organizations that demonstrate progressive leadership and concern for their staff.


Association for Middle Level Education

  • Parkland School received the honor of presenting at the National Association for Middle Level Education in Minneapolis. This organization is dedicated to middle school education.

Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance State Convention

  • fitness

    For the past several years, McHenry Middle School Physical Education teachers, Katie Krysh, Ed Heinrich, and Brian Schweitzer, have presented and exchanged curriculum that directly affects the students and peers throughout the state.

    The Physical Education staff at MMS have presented on various topics including: the schools triathlon and how to set it up and run it at other schools; outdoor adventure activities that can be taught in the classroom; what to do with students that are currently out of your classroom due to injuries; tag games for all grade levels (where over 300 other professionals attended); and assisting other professionals on how to deal with everything that can take place in a classroom, that you don’t learn in a textbook/college classroom.

Illinois Education Association

  • Dr. Hoffman was invited to speak at the IEA Northern Zone Bargaining Roundtable Meeting to share what insights our district possesses to be able to create innovative bargaining agreements and foster collaboration and improve the quality of our school district.

Superintendent's Summit

  • Dr. Hoffman was chosen as 1 of only 50 superintendent’s and only 2 of Illinois Superintendents to attend the national Superintendent’s Summit in Arizona. The invitation to this summit was at no cost to the district.

Superintendent of the Year

  • supofyear

    Dr. Hoffman was chosen as the 2013 Kishwaukee Region Superintendent of the Year. As part of this honor, Dr. Hoffman was invited to speak at the Illinois Principals’ Association Breakfast. Attendees included Kishwaukee administrators, students, and their families.