Parkland Parent FAQ's

  • If my child is going to be arriving late to school due to an appointment, should I still notify the office?

    • Yes, we would appreciate the information for our attendance purposes.  It is very important for us to have all students, present and absent, accounted for prior to 9am.

    If my child is leaving early for an appointment, do I need to contact the office prior to my arrival to pick them up?

    • Yes, please send your child with a note.  We will write them a pass to the office and they will be waiting for you to pick them up.

    If I have a question regarding buses, who should I contact?

    • We are more than happy to help resolve anything that has to do with students on the bus, but the transportation department might be able to better answer your questions regarding routes….etc. They can be reached at 815-385-6622. 

    What time does school begin an end each day?

    • Regular school days begin at 7:35 and dismiss at 2:20.
    • Early Release days begin at 7:35 and release at 12:35

    How do I schedule a parent conference?

    • Each team meets daily for 45 minutes and are available for parent conferences during that time.   You may either email a teacher on the team directly, or call us and leave a message in their voicemail.  They will contact you to schedule the appointment.

    Does my child need a physical to participate in sports?

    • Yes, each student athlete must have a physical on file in the nurses office for the current school year in order to participate in athletics.

    Is there an activity bus, and how does it work?

    • Yes, activity buses pick students up daily at 4:15.  They are organized by sections of the city, (North, South, East, West..etc) and drop students off close to their normal bus stop.

    Is my child allowed to ride a different bus to go home with a friend?

    • No, it is very important that we are able to safely keep track of all of our student riders from the time they leave Parkland until they get home.  It could potentially create an unsafe situation if a student that the driver does not know rides their bus, in case of an emergency.

    If my child is sick, can I arrange for their homework to be sent home for the day?

    • Yes, homework can be collected for any student that has been absent for 3 consecutive days.  Prior to the third absence we encourage you to check the homework hotline and/or the team’s website for homework information.

    If my child has lost their agenda, how can they get another one?

    • We have agenda for sale in the office for $5 available anytime to students that have lost their agenda.

    Is there a date that 6th grade physicals need to be turned into the office?
    • Yes.  Physicals for 6th grade students need a physical dated August 12, 2012, or later, and a TDap immunization record turned into the office by October 15.  Please submit paperwork as soon as possible.

    Do Exploratory / P.E. classes change each quarter?
    •  No.  The Exploratory / P.E. classes rotate every 7 weeks.  The end of their first term will be September 27 and they will be starting their next class on September 30.

    Can my student carry a water bottle at school?

    Students at Parkland will be allowed to have water in the classrooms with the following considerations:

    • Containers must be factory sealed when students enter the building.
    • Students may not bring used water bottles or disposable bottles with broken seals.
    • The container must contain water and water only. No juice, soda, "addables", coloring, or energy drinks.
    • The water may only be consumed in the first five minutes of class, the last five minutes of class, or at the discretion of the teacher for the remaining time not mentioned.
    • Students will be responsible to fill the bottle between classes. Students may not leave class to fill a bottle.
    • Students will need to take care of restroom needs before class starts and must be responsible for the amount of water that is taken in during classroom time.
    • Bottles are not to be in close proximity to any technology (computers, overheads, document cameras or projectors).
    • Water bottles are not to be played with on school grounds. This includes throwing the bottle or pouring the contents of the bottle onto another student, staff member, or on school property.
    • Failure to follow the policy by any individual student will result in a loss privileges to carry a water bottle at school along with appropriate school discipline consequences.