Exploratory Team

  • Welcome to Parkland's Exploratory Team

    Each student at Parkland rotates through five different  exploratory classes each year.  Those five classes are art, foreign language, music appreciation, Steam, and Stem.  Our Exploratory curriculum is intended to enhance the traditional curriculum of math, science, social studies and language arts.  These classes are also designed to inspire creativity and innovation in our middle school students while continuing to develop their natural skills and talents.  In addition, Exploratory classes let students explore areas of interest before they select electives in high school. Each Exploratory class is approximately seven weeks in length.  

    Term 1 - Aug 21 – Oct. 13

    Term 2 – Oct. 16 – Dec. 8

    Term 3 – Dec. 11 – Feb. 9

    Term 4 – Feb. 12 – Apr. 6

    Term 5 – Apr. 9  - May 29