Safety and Security

  • Student and staff safety is always our top priority and warrants our most resolute commitment to District 15 students, staff, and families. We understand that having a sense of personal safety is a foundational need for both adults and students in order for teaching and learning to take place. We also understand that personal safety includes both school safety and a person's physical and social-emotional well-being. 



    District 15 schools conduct a variety of safety drills annually to prepare students and staff in the case of an emergency. 


    • Fire drills in partnership with the McHenry Fire Department
    • Lockdown drills in partnership with the McHenry Police Department
    • Severe weather/shelter-in-place drills
    • Bus evacuation drills



    • District 15 utilizes specific crisis response programming to address threats and maintain onsite protocols and procedures
    • All school buildings are equipped with integrated school safety software that enables district staff to screen visitors, track volunteers, report on drills, and respond to emergencies
    • Current and future investments in capital projects to keep school district facilities safe and secure
      • Phone Systems
      • Intercom Systems
      • Camera Systems
      • Interior / Exterior Entrances and Egresses
    • District 15 works together in partnership with the McHenry Police Department for fast response support and assistance in case of threats or emergencies