• District 15 has an Equity Committee comprised of district and school staff that works to ensure that all students are accepted and treated equally regardless of their background and that they can come to school and flourish in an environment that is safe and inclusive for all young learners. To that end, bullying, intimidation, and harassment diminish a student’s ability to learn and a school’s ability to educate. Preventing students from engaging in these disruptive behaviors and providing all students equal access to a safe, non-hostile learning environment are important District goals.

    McHenry D15 Equity Mission:

    A diverse community, learning together, striving for equity and a better future for all. 

    McHenry D15 is committed to:

    • Ensuring that the educational and social needs of ALL students in McHenry D15 are being met.

    • Providing professional development in Equity Literacy that is targeted and scaffolded.

    • Identifying areas to improve equity in District 15. 

    • Audit current and future curriculum from an equity perspective.