• District 15 is committed to the social, emotional and mental well-being of our students. Our district has partnered with Daybreak Health, a school-based mental health company, to offer teletherapy services to our students, ages 5+, with qualified mental health professionals. These services will be provided at no cost to families and will deliver mental health services to students in need.


    Daybreak services are available to students age 5 and up. However, for students under the age of 10, Daybreak teletherapy services are provided with the parent/guardian and student. Students over age 10, can meet one-on-one with their mental health professional.


    Daybreak has a curriculum designed to meet the mental health needs of students that is age appropriate. The evidence-based program is designed to help students understand their emotions, learn new skills and strategies to manage their symptoms, and learn how to transfer those skills into school, home and throughout their life.


    To learn more about the curriculum:


    All District 15 psychologists and social workers can refer a student and family to Daybreak. Parents and guardians are encouraged to reach out to your school psychologist, social worker or administrator to start mental health support through Daybreak for your student(s). Please note, Daybreak is mental health support for students, but is not appropriate for a student in crisis that needs immediate access to mental health care. Contact your school or our district office if you have any questions or need assistance.