Multi-Age Classroom

  • The multiage classroom teachers would like to welcome you to Parkland School.  As a group, we will be working with students from 6th, 7th and 8th grade to help them achieve their potential in a journey of lifelong learning.

    The key role of the teacher is to be flexible while facilitating a wide range of teaching strategies.  We will emphasize questioning rather than telling and active learning over passive listening.  Mistakes are accepted as a natural part of the learning process. Students are encouraged and rewarded in their effort to continue their learning process.

    Students are all individuals. Each child has a preferred learning style and learns at a different rate.  Students need to develop both cooperative and independent work skills. They will become self-confident and advocate for themselves their needs.

    The home and parent are a child’s first teacher.  Teacher and parents are both facilitators of learning.  It is important for us to positively encourage children, to listen to them, to provide resources for learning and role models for life.  It’s also important to foster growing independence and responsibilities for actions, belongings, and behavior.  Positive communication between home and school is essential.  Parents are encouraged to initiate a discussion with us regarding concerns or progress of your child.  Similarly, we may need to contact you to discuss your child’s learning or behavior.

    We look forward to a wonderful year!  Please feel free to contact us (via email) and find more information about the rest of the school year at each of our individual Teacher Classroom Pages.

    Thank you, 

    Learning Specialist Team